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MAKITA 8400D,8400DW,8402DW,8402VD,8402VDW compatible Battery

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MAKITA 8400D,8400DW,8402DW,8402VD,8402VDW compatible Battery
  • SKU: Makita-9000-8
  • Delivery time: 3-7 days
  • Availability: In stock
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty 1 year warranty, 60 days money back
  • Battery Type:Ni-Cd
    Dimension: 104.25 x 81.16 x 55.36 mm

    Replace battery part number:


    This battery is also compatible with the following moldels:

    MAKITA 903D, 903DW

    MAKITA 4000 Serie
    MAKITA 4093D, 4190D, 4190DW, 4300D, 4300DW
    MAKITA 4390D, 4390DW

    MAKITA 5090D, 5090DW

    MAKITA 6000 Serie
    MAKITA 6012HD, 6012HDW, 6092D, 6092DW, 6093D, 6093DW
    MAKITA 6094D, 6094DW, 6095D, 6095DW, 6095DWBE, 6095DWBLE
    MAKITA 6096D, 6096DWBE, 6096DWE, 6096DWLE, 6891D, 6891DW
    MAKITA 6900D, 6900DW, 6912DW

    MAKITA 8400 Serie
    MAKITA 8400D, 8400DW, 8402DW, 8402VD, 8402VDW

    MAKITA DA Serie
    MAKITA DA390D, DA390DW, DA391D, DA391DW

    MAKITA ML Serie
    MAKITA ML900, ML901, ML902-9,6, ML902

    MAKITA T220D, T220DW
    MAKITA UM1690DW, 1691D

    nicht passend für: 6343DWAE,5620DWA,ML180 !

    MAKITA 8400D,8400DW,8402DW,8402VD,8402VDW compatible Battery free shipping to Australia if orders over $200
    Australia MAKITA 8400D,8400DW,8402DW,8402VD,8402VDW compatible Battery red :: 18V :: 1300mah

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