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Advent 8315 ERC430 QC430 QRC430 QT5500 compatible battery

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Advent 8315 ERC430 QC430 QRC430 QT5500 compatible battery
  • SKU: M660NBAT-6(18)
  • Delivery time: 3-7 days
  • Availability: In stock
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty 3 year warranty, 60 days money back
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
    Color: black
    Capacity: 4400mAh
    Volt: 11.1V

    Replace battery part number:

    ASUS: 3UR18650F-2-QC-11, 90-NE51B2000, 90NITLILD4SU1, A32-F3
    A32-F2, A32-Z94, A32-Z96, 90-NFV6B1000Z, S9N-0362210-CE1
    BENQ: 2C.201S0.001
    MITAC BATEL80L6, CBPIL44, GC020009Y00, GC020009Z00, GC02000AM00, ID6
    MSI: CBPIL48, CBPIL72, BTY-M66
    SANYO: 3UR18650F-2-QC-11
    SIMPLO 916C4230F, 916C-4230F, 916C5280F, 916C5110F, 916C5220F,
    925C2290F, 906C5040F, 906C5050F, 908C3500F

    This battery is also compatible with the following models :

    Asus M50Sa,
    Asus M50Sr,
    Asus M50Sv

    Asus F2 Series
    F2F, F2Hf, F2J, F2Je

    Asus F3 Series
    F3E, F3F, F3H, F3Ja, F3Jc, F3Jm,
    F3Jp, F3Jr, F3Jv, F3Ka, F3Ke, F3L,
    F3M, F3P, F3Sa, F3Sc, F3Se, F3Sr,
    F3Sv, F3T, F3Tc, F3U

    Asus M51 Series
    M51Kr, M51Se, M51Sn, M51Sr

    Asus Z53 Series
    Z53J, Z53Jc

    Asus A9 Series--
    A9, A9T, A9Rt, A9W, A9R, A9C

    Asus S Series--
    S62, S96, S96J, S96JF, S96JH,
    S96JP, S96JS
    Asus Z53 Serie--
    Z53J, Z53Jc, Z53T
    Asus Z Series:
    Z9T, Z94, Z9400, Z9400RP, Z94L,
    Z94RP, Z96, Z96J

    ASI AMATA EL80N, S96E, S96J, S96S
    BenQ Joybook R55 Series
    CLEVO: M660, M661, M665
    COMPAL: EL80, EL81, GL30, GL31,
    HEL80, HEL81, HGL30, HGL31
    GreatWall: T50
    Hasee W Series: W750T, W740T,
    W370T Series
    MITAC/IPC: EL80, EL81

    MSI: MEGABOOK M1034, M655, M660,
    M660m, M662, M670, M673, M675,
    M677, VR600, VR600

    Maxdata Pro 6100I,8100IS (58) Series

    Philips X58 / Model: EAA-89

    QUANTA: SW1, TW3, TW5

    Advent 5401 7093 7107 7203 7205 7206
    Advent 8315 ERC430 QC430 QRC430 QT5500 compatible battery free shipping to Australia if orders over $200
    Australia Advent 8315 ERC430 QC430 QRC430 QT5500 compatible battery black :: 11.1V :: 4400mah::Li-ion

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